Best N. Alabama hunting?


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Aug 27, 2021
I’ll be honest, I’ve never hunted.

I’m a former SOF guy, US Army, just got out and moved to the Huntsville area. I’ve been around guns all my life, but just never hunted.

Looking to get into deer hunting this season. Any tips?
I’d rather take it to a pro to have it cleaned, what does that usually cost?

Also trying to reach my 10 post minimum so I can buy and sell some things…


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Mar 13, 2021
Not really familiar with hunting in the north part of the state, but if it's anything like in south Alabama your best bet is to either buy some land or make friends with someone who has some and hunt there, but you do have more options for public land hunting than we do.
As far as cleaning deer goes, learning to do it yourself is a bit of a rite of passage but taking them to a processor is getting more popular. Cost will depend on what all you want them to do.


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May 20, 2021
As Dfalt said, your best bet is usually a hunting club that owns a piece of land. Most of the ones I'm familiar with are by invitation only and can cost round about $100/year on up. I haven't seen many that are much cheaper. So my advice would be to network in your area and make friends fast.

Once deer season starts winding up, you'll see all kinds of signs pop up for people who do deer processing. Lots of hunters, even ones I know who know how to cut up a deer, take them to a processor (myriad of reasons). To expand on what Dfalt said, there's usually extra costs if you want them to grind/mix some meat for you or depending on much you want sections cut down.


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Oct 26, 2021
We're paying $80-$100 per deer depending on what we want done. I used to process my own, but it's worth it to me to have someone else do it.


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Aug 5, 2021
Most public property is over pressured and the night hunters don’t help. This state is my home and love it but I’ve hunted seriously every season since 2013 and the only deer I’ve killed have been on private land. When I have seen deer on public land (WMA) they have not met criteria legal for killing. (4 on 1 side). Good luck with your efforts though.


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May 9, 2022
Private land is definitely the way. I have seen some individuals have success on public land but they have to put in a lot of work amd get lucky.