Gun News A Look at Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions

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Nov 28, 2018
I have been watching this story closely, I am originally from Virginia

The current radical leftists that got elected via questionable means (suspected chinese intervention and millions of dollars from outside the state supporting them) are planning to make every semi automatic gun an 'assault firearm' and then they are going to ban assault firearms. You must sell out of state or destroy or become a felon for owning by July 1 2020

The gun control laws will be worse than California if enacted. That is not all, they plan to ban any training related to guns and go through every state document to remove all reference to male/man and female/woman and make everything, including marriage documents, non-gender.

Don't say, that could never happen in Alabama. I once said, that could never happen in Virginia

From what I understand the plan that turned VA blue is now also being deployed in Texas and North Carolina and Florida to name a few.

It is a full on attack on freedom and the American way of life. I do believe if these bills are passed, Virginians are going to rise up.

look at SB16



New Member
Dec 23, 2019
Huntsville Alabama
I wonder if the Alabama constitution has strong enough 2A provisions that would eliminate the need for sanctuary counties and cities in the future in the situation where we end up with a gun grabber majority in Montgomery. It might be that we can start promoting 2A sanctuary locations to put the band aid before the wound. Does anyone know of a gun rights group that does northern Alabama?

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