Overnight backpacking here in AL

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  • CoastForce1812

    Established Member
    May 17, 2021
    Hey y'all, anyone here into overnight backpacking? I've done it a couple times before but I don't live where I used to and none of my friends here in southern AL are into outdoors stuff. With that said, I'm going it solo. Any places anyone would recommend? I'd like to try the Perdido river Trail in 2 weeks. Also maybe Cheaha State Park up north, maybe check out some of the Pinhoti trail. Any pointers or general discussion is appreciated.


    Well-Known Member
    Staff member
    Premium Member
    Dec 26, 2015
    Not really hard backpacking but oak mountain also has a camp area called backwoods so you can have a smaller area to test everything before going to a large area.


    Established Member
    Dec 5, 2021

    I have hiked on the Pinhoti Trail. I have also been to the Sipsey Wilderness. The Cheaha/Talledega Forest area is great for hiking.
    The week of Thanksgiving I camped just off of the Pinhoti trail near the Bulls Gap trailhead. I drove my truck out there, but saw hikers as well. It was well maintained without being crowded. Lots of scenic views and beautiful places to set up camp just off the trail, but you’ll probably run in to the occasional keep/off-roader as well.